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I run a hosting company and I’m not sure what you ask for to show that I’m green. What do I need?

We outline at a high level elsewhere on the site what we refer to as green power, but below we’ll point to some public examples of the kind of information we ask for.

In the UK

If you’re in the UK, by law, anyone selling green energy has to be able back it up with proof that it’s coming from renewable sources. This means that as a customer, you are able to ask about the kinds of fuels that make up the power you buy, and they have to provide this information if you ask for it.

This is called a fuel-mix disclosure, and it’s usually more detailed than you need, so instead you’ll often see an easier to understand page explaining the same information.

Opus Energy in the UK have a good example of this:

This information is backed up by an independent assurance from outside specialists, so you don’t need to just take their word for it.

We don’t carry out these audits of energy providers ourselves (we’re too small!) but we do act as an index for them, so you can understand the supply chain used in services you use.

For more examples see what we accept as evidence.

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