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Help wanted: technical writer

We are looking for a freelance technical writer to join a small, but ambitious team on a part time basis, and help us improve the quality of the documentation for open source software projects we run.

Our goal is and make it easier for developers to understand how incorporate these software products into their workflow.

We have an initial budget of 10k EUR, to cover an assumed 20-30 days of time, over the next 6 months, and as long as you are able to join a few calls mainly happening in the CET timezone, we are a remote friendly organisation.

What this would include

Helping us set up a consistent approach for documenting out key software projects, ideally following the principles outlined in the Diataxis method.

Adding documentation for missing steps when starting out with using our main software projects: CO2.js, our grid-intensity libraries, written in Golang and Javascript, and the django codebase that powers most of our digital services.

Contributing high level documentation for how to use the green web APIs and datasets, demonstrate common use cases.

Helping write how-to guides andn tutorials as outlined in the Diataxis framework for software project documentation.

Must haves

You have strong written English, and experience writing developer focused documentation, and can point to examples online.

You are comfortable writing in markdown, and contributing to projects where git is used for managing changes (you do not need to be a git wizard, but you need to have at least heard of it, and understand how to make a pull request).

You are comfortable creating simple diagrams and flowcharts, in Google Slides, Miro and similar tools to explain complex concepts. You do not need to be a designer.

You are able to work with group primarily based in the CET timezone, and able to join synchronous calls for planning, retrospectives, and “show and tell” calls.

Nice to have

Familiarity and experience with the Diaxtaxis software documentation framework.

You have experience with and enjoy “working open” – on open source or open culture projects.

You have used documentation tools like Docusaurus, Sphinx, or MKDocs, previously, and know how to use them with services like WriteTheDocs.

You have some prior experience of documenting APIs, and writing tutorials for using them.

You have written at least some basic javascript or python or golang code before, and are comfortable explaining what it is doing.

You have some background interest in the sustainability concepts applied to the digital domain.

You have used at least one the following, to demonstrate using a software library before –, and some form of Jupyter Notebooks, or the Observable platform.

Some familiarity with our Climate Justice fellowship program, and our existing products.

A note about diverse teams

We value having diverse teams in the Green Web Foundation. You definitely do not need to be a computer science graduate to work with us, nor based in North America or Europe join our team. If you are part of a community that is traditionally marginalised in the technology sector, you are especially welcome to apply, because your perspective and experiences would likely help us catch blind spots we might not see otherwise.

What the hiring process looks like

  1. You make your submission. Please use the form below.
  2. We screen applications each week. You will hear back from us whether we choose to proceed or not, but depending on how many applicants we receive, we can’t promise detailed feedback about your specific application at this point.
  3. Initial call. We arrange a short video call, to get to each other, with one or two people in the management team (either Chris, Michelle or Hannah). This provides as chance to discuss, working together, and talk about your previous work and experience, and what the first project entails.
  4. Second call to meet the project team. You have a chance to meet the other people working on the project this is likely to be 2-3 other people.
  5. Start work. We find a time to start, and invite you to the corresponding project management and collaboration systems.

If we speak to you on a call but do not proceed, we will provide some useful, and specific feedback to help you with future applications.

How to register interest

Please use the form below to register interest and provide the requested information.

Applications have closed now. If you’re interested in working in our team, the best place way to know when we’re hiring is to join our newsletter, as we’ll post our jobs there.

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