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Help wanted: Writer/blogger/content marketer/wordsmith

We’ve been working on a bunch of stuff over the last 18 months, but we haven’t done such a good job writing about it, and we’re looking for some help getting our message out to wider audience.

At the Green Web Foundation, we’re looking for a blogger or content marketer to help us with a number of tasks, like:

  • getting a press/comms pack together for recent projects, to make it easier for others to write about what we’re doing
  • writing blog posts about recent work we’re doing, and transitioning the internet to green power
  • managing and maintaining a content calendar
  • help us figure out how to get stories picked up in future

There’s specific project we’ve been working on where we need the help initially – with a small pot of funding available – it’s not a huge amount, but the work should be fairly self contained.

In the long run, we’re looking for someone to help on the content side, as we have fair few projects that haven’t had fresh eyes on them, and we have a bunch of copy to freshen up.

If you’d like to work with us

Please send an email expressing your interest to [email protected]

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