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When do I need to update my listing in the Green Web Dataset and how do I do that?

If you are listed with us as a green provider or datacenter, we will make a best effort to help you, but ultimately you are responsible for keeping your data in the Green Web database up to date.

When to update

Here are some examples of when it is necessary to update your listing: 

  • Changes in the IP ranges that you use for your customers’ domains. The Green Web Checker and Browser App will only recognize domains or websites as green, when they resolve to an IP address or AS number that has been entered into the Green Web database. 
  • Renewal of green energy certificates, documents or urls proving the green energy claims for your organisation. This should be done yearly.
  • Changes in your organisation’s details, such as the services you provide.
  • When you are expanding your business to other countries, you will need to register the new region.

When your listing  seems to be out-of-date to us, you may get a reminder to update from us. If you don’t update your data in a long time, we will proceed to remove your listing (you will be warned before that happens, though).

How to update

To update your listing, log into the provider portal and make the necessary updates.

If you encounter problems with logging in or entering updates, please let us know through the support form. We will do our best to help you along.

Machine-readable updates

If changes in your IP ranges occur regularly and you have means to provide updates that are machine readable, we would be interested to hear from you via the support form.