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Does your website run on green energy?

The internet is the world's largest coal-powered machine. Check if your website runs on green energy — and help make the internet fossil-free.

We work towards a fossil-free internet by 2030

The Green Web Foundation is an independent non-profit that tracks how much of the internet runs on green energy. Manage the environmental impact of your digital products. Apply best practices in digital sustainability. Advocate for a more sustainable and just internet.

Get Verified

Are you a hosting provider using green energy? Get verified for free. Your services will be listed in our Green Web Dataset — accessed millions of times a day.



Check if a website runs on 100% green energy. View public evidence of claims. Download our open dataset or use our API.


Estimate the carbon emissions of apps, website and software with our open source Javascript library.


Meet movement leaders who advocate for a sustainable and just internet and learn how to green their practice.

Digital collage in black, white and bright green, combining archival imagery of computer hardware and mining publications
Branch issue 5: Critical Carbon Computing cover design

Branch Magazine

An online, carbon-aware magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet for all.

Recipient of the Ars Electronica Award for Digital Humanity.

Issue 5: Critical Carbon Computing has just landed!

Developer docs

Documentation on how to use our open source libraries and tools.

Green Web Library

Curated resources about digital sustainability and more.

Green Screen Coalition

Connecting digital rights and climate justice practitioners and funders.


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