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The Green Web Foundation publishes a variety of reports, articles and position papers on topics relating to digital sustainability and a just, sustainable internet.

Community Tech meets Digital Sustainability

Read our latest publication: A Green Handbook for Community Tech Practitioners which explores the potential of community tech and digital sustainability through case studies, hands-on tools, and models for understanding sustainability. This handbook has been commissioned by Promising Trouble and Power to
, and has been researched and written by Katrin Fritsch and Hannah Smith from the Green Web Foundation.

Community tech meets digital sustainability cover page
Community Tech meets Digital Sustainability

Report Series – A Fossil Free Internet By 2030

A series of reports around the subject of transition of the internet from fossil fuels, and digital sustainability. The Fog Of Enactment is the first of the series.

Cover of the Fog of Enactment Report

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Branch Magazine – a magazine by and for people who dream of a sustainable internet

The Green Web Foundation also publishes Branch magazine, a collaboration with the community. Twice a year, Branch magazine brings together writing, and other creative output from developers, designers, campaigners, and policy makers, to act as a snapshot of what’s important and interesting at the intersection of climate and tech.

Screenshot showing the covers of the three issues of Branch Magazine.
Branch magazines, isues one, two and three

Position papers and briefings

In November 2022, we worked with academics and industry specialists on our first paper, Extending IPv6 to support Carbon Aware Networking, as a response to the Internet Architecture Board’s workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems, 2022.

It was accepted, and the ideas discussed in the workshops are feeding into our Green Web Studio innovation projects.