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Who supports our mission

We are enormously grateful to all the organisations who also want to see a fossil-free internet by 2030, and have contributed financially to our work.

Want to see your organisation on this esteemed list?

Grant givers

Current grant donors

Previous grant donors

Other supporters


A huge thank you to the following organisations who have chosen to support the mission by donating financially to us.

Jut-so, TWEAG


Supporters through our partnership scheme

Thank you to the following organisations, listed in alphabetical order, that provided vital contributions to our work via this scheme in the last 12 months.

1984 ehf, ALTUSHOST B.V., Piano D, Seeweb SRL, Strato AG, WebHot ApS, Wholegrain Digital, XXL Hosting.

This scheme has now closed in favour of our new donations process.

Our partnership scheme ran in different guises from 2014 until 2022. We invited organisations to partner with us to further support the mission of greening the internet. In return for their donation of time and money to further the development of our green tools, we offered a more prominent listing position in our Green Web Directory and a media pack they could use to show their support.