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In addition to the green web checks, and open data releases, if you’re looking to green your supply chain inside your organisation, we can help in a few specific ways:

Audit: evaluate a service

We can help you look at a single service or product you operate, to understand where the emission host spots might be, in a fixed term, fixed price engagement.

Training: Build Capacity to run your own audits

If you have one or more existing product teams, we’ll train members in the team the questions they might need to ask, and how to assess a supplier, at the product/service team level.

We’ll introduce you to tools you can use, that work in an agile context, and give you a chance to try them in a safe environment, on a sample service.

Advisory: Research and strategy around digital and climate

As news about our climate gets increasingly serious, we are also seeing more serious responses from the public and private sector. A growing share of the public sector is now governed by legally binding emission reductions targets, and in private sector, more and more companies are adopting science-based targets to measurably track and reduce emissions.

For most organisations, the biggest share of their emissions lie in their supply chain, so this brings up new opportunities and risks, if you buy or sell services.

Finally, as employees become more aware around of just how dire the climate situation is, an organisation’s record is increasingly plays a part in recruitment, and retaining staff – especially for younger employees or parents.

If you don’t have the capability in-house for tracking the impact of these changes, we offer a retainer, to help understand these changes.

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