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If you have an existing product or service, we can help you get an idea of where the emissions are in your digital supply chain, from services and infrastructure you use, to third party suppliers you rely on.

We’ll work together with your staff, to create a Wardley map to visually represent your supply chain, then for each supplier, we’ll give you an idea of how their current policies match the ones you are aiming for yourself. If we don’t have the information maintained internally in our own databases, we’ll contact them on your behalf to check, then share a report with you, containing recommendations and your options for each component.

Our audits start at around 20k EUR, based on the size of the site being audited, and typically, they’re best suited to organisations that have at least 10 full time engineers, and are doing millions of page views each month. Below this level of activity, while we can work with you to identify areas to change, you’ll likely see better results spending the 20k with a general sustainability consultant to help your organisation first.

Who needs to be involved

These audits work best when we have access to someone who understands:

  • the technical architecture of the system in use
  • someone with some overall decision making capability for the service – either a service manager, a product manager or similar role

What you get

The artefacts tend to vary, based on what’s most useful, but typically you would end up with the following deliverables to share in your organisation:

  • a Wardley Map created specifically for your service in partnership with your staff, that you can refer to in future
  • a written report where for each supplier in your supply chain, we outline:
    • how their written social and environmental policies match your public policies or informal ones you have shared with us
    • if they diverge from your policy, we’ll outline possible next actions with suppliers, or alternative providers of comparable services if necessary

How long this takes

Depending on the complexity of a services this typically takes 1-2 days of a consultant’s time, including the initial call, checking with your suppliers, then providing a report.