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The Funding Garden

Starting from August 2020, below is a list of the funding applications we have made, and are making at The Green Web Foundation, in our mission to speed the transition of the web to running entirely on green power.

We’ve written a post about why we are doing this.

Previous funding applications

Current and future funding applications

We have a trello board listing the funding applications, where we tend to the opportunities. It’s publicly visible, so anyone can see it, and you can visit it directly.

A screenshot of our trello board. Funding opportunities are represented as cards , with stages from 'leads', to 'proposal draft' to 'proposal sent'.
Our funding garden on Trello

Drop us a line if you’d like to help tend to the garden, or you’re interested in partnering with us on an funding application.

Working together

We’re happy to collaborate on joint bids. Send an email to [email protected].