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Community Tech meets Digital Sustainability

We’re pleased to present our latest research project: Community Tech meets Digital Sustainability. A green handbook that gives practical guidance to community tech practitioners on their path towards digital sustainability.

Over the last few months, we have interviewed community tech practitioners and written this handbook that provides case studies and some practical first steps for digital sustainability.

What is community tech?

Community tech is created by a community organisation for its own use; created by a community organisation for reuse by others; or created by a community organisation as infrastructure to support a broader community of practice

Rachel Coldicutt, Director of Promising Trouble

Most of the time, community technology is open source, reusable by others, and decentralised.

As we will show in the handbook, these are all key social indicators for digital sustainability.

The handbook has been commissioned by Promising Trouble and Power to Change, and has been researched and written by Katrin Fritsch and Hannah Smith from the Green Web Foundation.

pdf format – 599 kB