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Germany has the most green hosted domains within the top 1m sites

The Green Web Foundation in Sweden has compiled a top 10 of countries that harbor the most green sites within the Alexa top one million: sites that are running on green energy.

Of the 185 countries that have at least one site within the top million, only 41 countries have green hosted domains, so there is clearly still a long way to go before the Internet is completely green hosted! The aim of The Green Web Foundation is to monitor and promote this development, till the day that it is no longer needed.

Of these 41 countries, the top five covers already nearly 97% of all green domains, and the top 10 over 99%:

rankcountry# green hosted domainspercentage
2United States3323233,3%
4United Kingdom64326,4%


The same data, but visualized in a graph:

top 10 green hosting countries

So Germany is the big winner here, even more so when considering the fact that the United States has around 7 times as much domains in the top million as compared to Germany.

When looking at the total number of sites that came green out of The Green Web API, it shows that around 10,4% of all popular sites are green hosted now, a development we will monitor closely in the future.

If you know of any hosters that are not yet in The Green Web Directory, please let us know so we can add them – especially in countries where we have not identified green hosters yet (see map)!This way we can fulfill our promise to The Green Web App-users, and show directly in your browser, for any site you visit, if it is green – or not yet!

Thanks for your support,

The Green Web Foundation, Sweden.