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Where can I find a sustainable web developer/designer for my site?

A sustainable website is not only running on green energy, it also uses less energy when customers visit your site. A good web developer or designer will make energy efficient choices for your site, without giving in on the functionality that you desire.

There are several routes to find a professional who specializes in building or designing sustainable websites. Without trying to be exhaustive, below we list some communities and websites we know of. These will either help you to find your next web designer/developer, or will give you some guidance on what it means to have a sustainable website.

Communities and directories

The Sustainable Dev Directory – a directory of sustainable web developers, freelancers and agencies from around the globe to work with on your next low-carbon web project. (CAT) – a community of tech workers committed to climate action. There’s a Slack group with over 7,000 people, and several appropriate channels to find freelancers, place job adverts or ask for help.

Work On Climate – an action-oriented Slack community for people serious about climate work. Find climate jobs. Build climate companies. Find your people.

Guidance and strategies for sustainable web design

The Sustainable Web Design site has a section full of strategies. (CAT) has a few resources of note. They have a starter guide on how to Reduce the carbon emissions of your website, a public page with a bunch of resources and groups who can help and also #greener-design and #green-webdev channels.

Make your technology sustainable – this is some useful guidance provided by the UK Government’s digital office.

GR491, The Handbook of sustainable design of digital services | ISIT – another very handy handbook, available in English and French.