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Learning in the open

This post is part of the Green Web Fellowship. Fellows are exploring the intersection of digital rights and climate justice; and are reflecting honestly on what they learn. More about the fellowship and the fellows.

A step into the green direction

Getting the Green Web Fellowship was a very surreal moment for me. I studied many environmental laws, cases, and materials at university that changed my behaviour to recycling and saying ‘no ‘to single-use plastics.

However, immediately after university, I ventured into digital rights and the climate conversation grew more distant daily, only to follow updates on Linkedin. Coming across the Green Web Fellowship application was a light bulb and I am glad to be here.

Within digital rights, I am most passionate about building safe spaces for everyone to enjoy the internet freely.

Thinking through my project, I wanted the project to best support climate activists to ensure they are safe in their activism. I also wondered how climate disinformation is impacting their work and if it is causing ‘real world harm’.

My aim was to increase the knowledge of digital rights and resilience in digital safety and security among climate activists and raise awareness climate justice of among digital rights activists who can further implement projects to tackle cross-cutting issues.

However, as I develop and plan for the fellowship, I think that if I want to achieve my goal I would need to do more than just conduct research but to connect with audiences and raise awareness. Following this, I am looking for impact stories, to highlight the digital safety/security stories of climate activists in Sub Saharan Africa and designing more creative ways to draw their attention to digital security. I would also be seeking to use roundtable meetings both online and offline, to bring together digital rights and climate activists to discuss cross-cutting issues. I look forward to seeing what this journey brings forth and how best I get to engage with these diverse audiences.

If you want to learn more about myself and the project, find everything here.

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