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Branch Issue 5: Critical Carbon Computing

Digital collage in black, white and bright green, combining archival imagery of computer hardware and mining publications
Image by Critical Carbon Computing Collective and designed by Tom Jarrett. CC-BY-NC 4.0.

We’re thrilled to publish a special issue of Branch Magazine in collaboration with the Critical Carbon Computing Collective.

Learn about how computers are used to manage the climate system—from measuring individual impacts to adjudicating global climate politics—in these excellent articles co-edited by Theodora Dryer and Tamara Kneese.

Posters of each article are available as well, so you can print and distribute this well-researched work wherever conversations about the material realities of computing are happening.

Introducing Carbon Computing
Theodora Dryer, Tamara Kneese, Anne Pasek, Cindy Lin, Andrew Meade McGee, Anuhba Singh, Johannah Rodgers and Megan Wiessner

Carbon Accounting and Computing
Anne Pasek and Megan Wiessner

Policy and Tech | Tech and Policy
Anne Pasek, Theodora Dryer, and Andrew Meade McGee

Computing Net Zero
Cindy Lin, Theodora Dryer and Johannah Rodgers

Labor: How tech worker organizing intersects with climate action 
Janna Frenzel, Tamara Kneese, and Benjamin Peters